State Fair Carnival Midway

Date: Oct 26 – Nov 12, 2017
Location: Carnival Midway

State Fair Carnival Midway
Featuring the thrills of Crabtree Amuesments, Inc.

Enjoy all the fun of Crabtree Amusements, Inc. Carnival Midway! The largest carnival midway in the State of Louisiana!

You must be at least 36″ tall to ride many of Crabtree Amusement Rides including kiddie rides. There are approximately eight rides that have a height requirement of 30″ tall. Some of the larger rides have taller height requirements. Carnival rides accept Magic Money credits and armbands.

Please follow rules that are posted on carnival rides. The rules are in place for your own safety.

Carnival games accept Magic Money credits. Food booths accept cash.

For your convenience, terminals are placed throughout the Carnival Midway.

Credits: $1 each
Carnival rides accept 3 – 10 credits depending on the ride
Armbands: $35 each
Unlimited carnival ride armbands are good for unlimited Crabtree Amusement carnival rides. Good for one day and one person only. Non-transferrable
Power Ride requires 5 extra credits
State Fair Fun Pass: $75 each

Fun Pass includes gate admission and armband for each of the 14 days the State Fair is open
Once through the gate, redeem at Crabtree Amusements Office for FunPass ID. Good for one person only. Non-transferrable

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