Beauty, Hair and Health in Shreveport

People in Shreveport, Louisiana nowadays have a wide range of spa and wellness services to rejuvenate and refresh. Traditional facials and massages have been joined by sea wood wraps, detox baths and reflexology. Shreveport offers many of these new treatments, including places solely dedicated to new forms of rejuvenation treatments. After a long week of work you will find it very relaxing to feel the pluses of spa treatments.

Driftaway Float Center

Driftaway Float Center in Shreveport

Flotation therapy is a highly effective means of stress relief and relaxation. The pods limit outside light and sounds when the lids are closed, providing the perfect escape from life’s stresses.
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La Spa

La Spa in Shreveport

The La Spa experience at Eldorado is more than just painted nails and infused water. There are proven healing benefits of spa treatments to physical and mental well-being, including better quality sleep, reduced absenteeism from work, and fewer hospitalizations.
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Spa Concepts Salon & Spa

Spa Concepts Salon and Spa in Shreveport

Our 5,500 square foot flagship facility at Ashley Ridge boasts ten treatment rooms, a sauna, dry heat and steam capsules and an outdoor spa.
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