Eat and Drink - Best Restaurants in Shreveport

There’s no better way to experience the unique blend of cultures found in Shreveport than to sit down to a meal at a local restaurant. Traditional Cajun and Creole cuisine, soul food and “country cooking,” Texas-style barbecue and the international flavors of global cuisine are all on the menu in local eateries. The city Is a perfect destination for foodies all over the world.

Eddie's Restaurant

Eddie's Restaurant in Shreveport

Eddie’s Restaurant is unique to Shreveport, Louisiana. The restaurant has a menu that features authentic Louisiana Cajun cuisine, coupled with an atmosphere conductive to family and intimate dining.
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Ernest's Orleans

Ernest's Orleans in Shreveport

Ernest’s Orleans Restaurant is a cultural culinary landmark of the Shreveport area. Keeping with tradition we have been serving our own unique style and flavors of the region for over 25 years.
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Roma Italian Bistro

Roma Italian Bistro in Shreveport

Roma Italian Bistro is currently located at 8905 Mansfield Rd. Order your favorite pizza, pasta, salad, and more, all with the click of a button. Roma Italian Bistro accepts orders online for pickup.
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Superior Grill

Superior Grill in Shreveport

We’ve got the finest Mexican food around: sizzling fajitas, mouthwatering, enchiladas, cheesy nachos and of course our famous margaritas.
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Tokyo Restaurant

Tokyo Restaurant in Shreveport

Our skilled chefs will prepare your lunch or dinner on a flat teppan table right in front of you, all in a fun & exciting atmosphere. It’s a wonderful experience for birthdays or other special occasions.
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